G99 Professional Services specialise in providing clients with existing and new generation assets, a range of services to make their G99 journey trouble free and profitable.

We know that obtaining project export capability and capacity upgrades for either DSR, battery storage or EV infrastructure projects can be extremely daunting and time consuming - our mission is to take away the strain and hassle and provide our clients with the confidence that their project is being handled by professionals.

Our dedicated team of Chartered Electrical Engineers specialise in the preparation, issue and project management of ENA G99 applications for new and existing generator assets as well as AC coupled battery storage assets. We provide such services to UK Blue Chip Companies. Our end clients include both MacDonald's and Marks and Spencer plc.

For Customers, with new or existing generation assets the ENA G99 application document is the only route to requesting permission for the essential “Long Term Paralleling" with the mains which will enable you:

  • To participate in Demand Side Flexibility and Storage without any outage issues.
  • To maximize revenue with Demand Side Flexibility and Storage through exporting.
  • To obtain a Power Purchase Agreement to generate further revenue from any export spill from your Assets.

The G99 documents are highly technical in nature and require in depth knowledge of the electrical characteristics of your system, calculation of various short circuit current conditions and half hourly analysis of your site demand and generator output and fail safe systems.

G99 Professional services offer a one stop shop for DSR, battery storage and solar G99 Type A projects (i.e. less than 1MW). Our services include:

  • Preparation of the G99 & G100 documentation
  • Provision of AutoCAD drawings to standards required by the DNO.
  • Protection studies and fault calculations for the installation
  • On site testing to allow the completion of G99 Part A 2.2 for existing non-type tested equipment.
  • Provision of G99 battery and solar  control panels
  • Electrical and Civil design
  • Project management of both electrical and civil installation
  • Financial modelling
  • G99 testing review of Site connection
  • Provision of electricity supply contract advice on behalf of the client.

In addition to the management of G99 Type A Projects we can provide the following services which may be applicable and beneficial for your G99 project:

  • Preparation and liaison with DNO on behalf of the client for DSR, battery storage and EV projects, including: the preparation of G99 and G100 documentation, protection studies and AutoCAD drawings to standards required by the DNO.
  • Carrying out Client Site Surveys to gather the requisite information if not available.
  • Carrying out technical searches for existing equipment technical data for the cases where the required technical data is no longer present on site.
  • Project Management of critical power systems including generation, battery storage and up to 11kV (Prince2).
  • Electrical design of Private critical power networks including generation, battery storage, switchboards cabling designs and interfacing with existing site assets up to 33kV
  • Financial modelling of the project against projected income, capital and running costs.
  • Specification and Tendering services for the Project capital works including DNO competitive connection elements of the works.
  • Specification and Tendering services for the aggregator and for export G99 project Power Purchase Agreement provider.
  • Negotiation of the most cost effective G99 option with the applicable DNO.
  • Testing of the G99 protection in accordance with requirements ENA G99.
  • Review and sign off for the changes to the Site Connection Agreement with the DNO.
  • Electricity supply contract advice to ensure maximum benefits flow from the G99 DSR opportunity.
  • For Export G99 projects appointing most cost-effective Export MOP/DA/DC and ensuring Export MPANS are registered.

See our G99 journey chart for further information